Something Old, Something New

I love last minute adventures. It all came about from an Instagram posting that Juliana Bikes was going to premiere their new video in Santa Cruz. My last two trips to Santa Cruz I've tried to bike Mount Charlie back to San Jose but each time something prevented me from the ride. Determined to ride this new route the next day, I took it easy on myself. My route was San Jose to Santa Cruz via the Los Gatos Creek Trail, Old Santa Cruz Hwy, Summit Hwy then down to Soquel and over to Santa Cruz. It was a fast fun route, I did parts of it when I biked to Sea Otter last spring. My favorite section is the single track around Lexington Reservoir, I rode some little trails on way home as well.

After a nice ride into Santa Cruz I met up with a close friend and we went out to grab food before the movie. We arrived at Juliana BIkes they had nice setup with wine, cakes and a photobooth. Then the announcement came that the movie wasn’t ready to be viewed. I was kind of bummed but understood that more editing was needed. We headed over to grab beers to end out the night, I had an early, chilly ride ahead of me the next am.

Waking up and looking the 45 degree temps, I put on all my layers. My friend works out near the beginning of Mount Charlie, so I hitched a ride. It was nice starting with a climb, it got the blood running, I was removing layers after the first switch backs. Mount Charlie is a great road, you get a good warm up with slight elevation in the beginning then you get short steeps ups at the end. The best part was the downhill back to Old Santa Cruz Hwy, where I got retrace my ride from the day before back to San Jose.

This wasn’t a serious adventure, some old routes revisited, a new route learned. It was nice to get out and pedal. Just take off without a car with just what you need. It’s just that easy. Micro adventures are what keep me going for the major adventures. So get out go and adventure, near or far.