• MK and Kevin :: Posse Wedding

    MK and Kevin :: Posse Wedding

    Location: San Francisco, CA Tenderloin to City Hall

    Places: Tenderloin, City Hall, Bender's Bar, Rusty's Southern

    Dresses: Bride and Mom of Bride's dress handsewn by MK

  • Yonat's First Love Song

    Yonat's First Love Song

    Four years ago I answered a Craigslist ad for a room open in Oakland, Ca. That ad ended up giving me a great gift, the friendship of Yonat. We hit it off right away and we bloomed into a friendship that grew closer with creativity. She's been by my side as I grew back into my passion of photography. Yonat was my muse and opened me back up to my potential. Then one day this giddy woman called me all about this new man, Yonat had found love. It was no surprise when she told me they decided to marry, I knew it was perfect and you could feel how confident she was as well. That confidence showed during her wedding day. She was calm, collected and prepared for her future. Yonat, Jono, Gia and Baker, I can't wait to see what the future brings and many blessings to your new family.

    Canon 6D Sigma 35mm 

    Mamiya c220 with Kodak Ektar 

  • Ty and Lynds: A Ranch Wedding

    Ty and Lynds: A Ranch Wedding


    Years ago, in a small ski town during a backcountry competition I met Lyndsay. We had an epic night that started a friendship and the best friend joke ever (FABA). When Lynds found out she was getting married, she called me to shoot her wedding in Eagle, CO. A renuion, spending time in the mountains and helping a friend capture her special day sounded great, I couldn’t say no. 

    She put on a great country wedding at a private ranch, complete with carriage rides. Family and friends worked very hard to construct dresses, little details on flannels, very well done. All the hard work came together for one magical day. The best part was the timing of this wedding, the aspens turned yellow and the light was soft. We took full advantage of the fall colors for the most beautiful images of love.

    They had the reception at a local park pavilion with a genius dinner of soup bowls and a layered wedding cake to die for. For months Lynds shared images with me of a walk thru with sparklers and I worked to make it happen for her plus one special photo. This first time I’ve done a sparkler walk, and I can’t wait to more. We danced, photoboothed and partied into the night, celebrating the love. I wish you two all the love in world, cheers to Ty and Lynds Woods.

    Hair and Makeup: Sarah Michelle

    Cake: Chelsey Tesky

    Ranch: Oyler Ranch 

  • A Santa Barbara Wedding :: Hannah+Danny

    A Santa Barbara Wedding :: Hannah+Danny

    Hannah and Danny put together a intimate wedding at the Santa Monica Courthouse on August 18th, 2015. With just family, which included me (Hannah is my cousin), we enjoyed the company of each other as they said, "I do". I loved the simplicity of this wedding, Hannah and Danny did a great job planning. Hannah's witness was a friend from her childhood, who is soon to have her first kid. Emily was great and helped us through out the whole day, she's going to be a rockstar mom. Hannah and I had actually actually never meet face to face until this wedding, this was a great bonding experience. I even did her makeup for her. 

    The courthouse was an amazing place for photography, I could of shot there for hours. We had to keep it brief though, as they planned a dinner at a great restaurant. We walked the boulevard, cars hooking in celebration on our way to Taco Tuesday. Hannah said "I feel famous" with the cars hooking and people cheering as we walked back from stuffing ourselves with tacos.

    Danny is great guy as well, I am very happy to have shared this day with him and his family. They are truly a great union. I wish them the best of luck and happiness. 

  • Max Turns One

    Max Turns One

    Max turned one, Hooray! From the sleepless nights we’d hear about to his first photo shoot with me and his presence at the Cyclofemme Ride last May, I've been so happy to be part of his young life. His doula said he was born with the most serious look on his face, he will be forever known as serious baby Max, HA! As he grows, he’s becoming a funny, smiling boy but still has his side of serious. I feel so lucky to of had the chance to a be part of Laura, Nick and Max’s life and to document the love they share. I am sad that this amazing family will be leaving us tomorrow for the East Coast. You guys will always have home here, best of luck and love to you Redfurns. 

    “What is that feeling when you're driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? - it's the too-huge world vaulting us, and it's good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”

    Jack Kerouac, On the Road

  • Angelica turns 10

    Angelica turns 10

    I love working family events. On 6/27, I had the honor to capture Angelica's 10th birthday in Hayward at Ruus Park. With a full table of kids toys, squirt guns, bubbles and water balloons, these kids had the best time. Capturing the fun, smiles and pure joy is my favorite type of work. The kids made it easy for me, they warmed up to me fast. This party had a water balloon fight and two pintas, tons of action to work with as well. The best part was the cake fight, Angelica was told to bite the cake, her grandmother got her good, face smash! Then without a blink, she grabs a chunk of cake and throws it, hitting her target dead on. Now that is family love! I had a great day with the Munguia family and these photos capture the love and kindness of them. 

  • Terence + Anna :: 3/14/15

    Terence + Anna :: 3/14/15

    On 3/14/15, Pie Day, I had the privilege to document the marriage of two great people. Terence and Anna tied the knot on Pie Day intentionally, they also had a Hitchhiker's guide the galaxy themed ceremony and legos on on each table at the reception. They have a true love that was easy to capture, along with their spunk! Best of luck to both of you! 

  • Define and Conquer

    Define and Conquer

    These photos are long over due to shown. They needed time like a good wine. This is my one year anniversary of being self employeed and figuring out my real potential. Being self employeed is hard, being a self employeed artist is harder. It takes time to reconigze your potential and then attach a price to it. Part of that discovery is your style. Finding my style and then defining it hasn't been easy. These photos embody what I am, what I am want be to known as and my style. I want my customers to have the most organic pictures possible. I want my photos to show truth in the moment. My appraoch isn't this is a photoshoot rather let's take an adevnture. My adventure to this point has been nothing short of great, I can't wait to see what my adventures await me! 

    Model: Heather MacKinnon- Badass biker babe and amazing artist: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NotesToEpiphany

    Body: Canon 6D Lens: Canon 50 mm 1.4

    Most shots where captured while biking along. 

    All photos copyright of Jillian Betterly Photography please ask perimission for repost of images betterlyphotogrpahy.com.

  • Year in Review

    Here we are again, another year is passing. This was a big year for me. Half a year later I still wonder what I was thinking starting my own business, but I wouldn't have it any other way. One of the highlights of this year was a collaborative show at City Hall in Oakland. Shooting and preparing for a show again brought back my love for the more art side of photography and the reminder of how I dislike writing Artist Statements. This year also brought new clients and more projects. I took on new challenges and reconnected with my love of using film. Owning your own business is the hardest way to make a living but it the most rewarding. Thank you for all those who believed in me, helped me and guided thru this process. Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for me, thanks for a great year!

    Please enjoy some my favorite images from 2014.

    Steve and Jessica 2014

    Claremont Hotel in the morning and a Tilden wedding. 

    Ashley and Mark

    Shot with a Minolta EX-7 50mm prime with Kodak Ektar 100. At a private ranch in Bolinas, CA. 

    Terrance and Anna 

    Engagement shoot on the Cal Berkeley campus. 

    Max Redfurn

    Worked with young Max at his home. Oakland, CA

    Zoe and Family

    I worked with just Zoe a year ago. This year they came back for family pictures. Taken at the Oakland Rose Garden. 

    Ash Maternity

    Ash is having her first baby! We took some images on my Minolta EX-7 with Kodak ektar 100 at a park in Oakland, CA. 

    Pedalfest 2014

    I ran my favorite photo booth event for the second year at Pedalfest in partnership with New Belgium Beer. 

    Nike UK

    Documented a group of women running their first marathon. 

    East Bay Biker Girls and Boys

    I am so lucky to get out and ride with these rad kids. 

    Here are links to my work with using a manual camera and film:

    Various B&W with 50mm

    Lauren's Birthday Ride in Marin

    Some Damage from the Riots

    Orr Hot Springs

    Mimaya C220 at Samuel P Taylor

    I picked my images for the show at City hall from these.

    I did some adventuring this year as well:

    Visiting grandparents in lower MI

    Canoeing on Lake Superior

    Day 3 of a 5 day bike camping trip around the Bay

    Occidental bike adventure


    Thanks for the great year, ROCK ON! 

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