Idaho Hot Springs Bikepaking Trip

The Idaho Hot Springs loop was full of beauty, accomplishments, and kindness. Three of us women took off with a plan to pedal 9 days through Idaho, following the adventure cycling route. Working our way counterclockwise, we enjoyed all the towns including  Stanley, Cascade and Idaho City. Everywhere we met someone who told us their story and we told them ours, which usually lead to some kind act.

The hot springs, the true star of this ride, are unforgettable. Each had its own charm. From Snake Pit Hot Spring”s killer view to Boiling Hot Springs aptly named temps, we loved them all.  Add in some wonderful mountain scenery plus revolving dynamic landscapes and this route is a bikepacker’s dream. I highly encourage you to go have your own adventure on the Idaho Hot Springs loop.

Shot on Kodak Film Ektar 100 with an Olympus SP35 rangefinder