Bike Life

Back in college I shot with film. Technique was important and I also liked the raw environmental elements that affect a photo. For this project I chose to return to color slide film. I used only available natural light, in the Bay Area that can vary from foggy to sunny. These images have not been edited, you are viewing them in the raw. Motion blur and slight blur is part of the process. I want you the feel the motion and see movement. I used documentary style photography to put each moment in a story for you.


This photography project includes many areas of the Bay, from Marin Headlands to locations in the East Bay. Upon arrival to the Bay Area, I meet a group of cyclists that welcomed me into their community. The rides varied from group rides to bike camping trips. This is a compilation of rides reflecting the happiness, joy, and fun we all share on these rides. It was these rides that brought brought me back to those first initial feelings of the wonders and excitement in photography. In closing, this show is the technique of my past and the happiness of my present.